What debt instruments can I trade?

Currently, we are facilitating Schuldscheindarlehen, registered bonds and loans.

What are the key benefits of using firstwire?

Direct market access for buyers and sellers will contribute to more transparent prices and lower transaction costs. It also broadens access to the investment universe and information base.

Is it a secure way to trade?

Our processes are set-up to provide a smooth and secure workflow. We work together with well-regarded institutions to assure a full compliant trade processing. Every trade comes with a full record of information for best execution compliance.

What does firstwire charge?

firstwire charges a fee on every trade that is matched through the marketplace. All charges are fully transparent. Contact us for further information.

Who owns firstwire?

firstwire is owned by its founders and individual investors. Our investors have been working in the financial industry for decades and contribute a huge wealth of knowledge and network.

Which internet browsers are recommended when using firstwire.market?

It is recommended that you always use the current version of browsers to make sure that our web pages display quickly and correctly, and that you always have the latest security updates. If you use older browsers, you might not be able to use some functions from a certain point anymore as we make updates to firstwire.market.
Here is a list of browsers we support:

Operating system Recommended browser
Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (latest versions)
Mac Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

For full functionality of the website JavaScript must be enabled. In Internet Explorer it is required to set the privacy and security settings in "Internet options" to a maximum of "Medium High". Higher levels of security and privacy settings may lead to problems when displaying the website. You might need to contact your system administrator if you cannot change these settings in your browser.

How can I participate?

firstwire is accessible for professional market participants only (“Member”). These are issuers for primary transactions or buyers/sellers within the primary or secondary market. Please contact us or register to receive more information.

Does firstwire offer additional services, for example, to prepare a transaction?

firstwire offers you the technology and processes for transactions. Since we believe it is vital to support our clients with value added services, we offer you various ways of support through firstwire consulting GmbH, a company designated to assist firstwire members. It provides, for example, risk analysis for transactions, supports the issuance process, etc.